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What are the Facilities Needed for the Tent ?

What are the Facilities Needed for the Tent ?


The aluminium frame tent is popular in outdoor public activity, However, as the form and requirement of the outdoor activity continue to increase ,what are the facilities Nneeded for the tent?

Flooring system for the tent: 

There is two kind of flooring, one is wooden flooring(cheap and affordable), other kind is cassette wooden flooring(beautiful and elegant). Mainly suitable for the even land. Of course, the carpet tile also can be used for the tent flooring system.

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Door and window system:

No need the door and window if the tent is open(with sidewalls). The door and window normally is used for the closed tent. There are several kind of door and window, such as the glass single door, glass double wing door, sliding door, steel rolling door, PVC fabric window, mesh window and glass windows and so on. Special design door or windows can be customized.

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Sidewall system:

PVC tarpaulin sidewall is the normal wall for the tent ordinary using, But Tendars can provide the hard ABS wall, glass wall and so on. Such as the ABS hard wall, higher impact strength, and weather resistance, suitable for the long time using in outdoor. Suitable for warehouse tent.The transparent glass wall appearance of high-end and elegant, is quick suitable for the exhibition and some luxury outdoor event. Clients can choose the correct tent wall according the activity.

Decoration system: 

For some activity, except the tent practicality, at the same time, it should be ornamental. This can bring comfortable experience to the guests. Therefore, the tent normally will configure with pleated lining, curtain, carpet etc.. And also with some brilliant lighting. All these will make the tent more elegant, and suitable for wedding party, banquet event.

Electric facility system: 

In order to make the tent inner temperature more comfortable in winter or in hot summer time, normally the tent will need the Air Conditioner. Some other facility, such as the head lamp, sound system and stage for the show etc..