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Temporary Stadium Event Tent


At present, China's sports industry is booming. Due to the long time and high cost of traditional sports venues, the demand for various temporary temporary stadium event tent is gradually increasing. The whole process takes only about 20 days to complete that from the design to the construction of temporary stadium event tent.

GuangAo-Temporary Stadium Event Tent | News On Guangao Tent Industry

GuangAo as a factory with rich experience in the production, sales and construction of stadium event tent that provides temporary tent which can be widely used in sports venues such as basketball gymnasium, badminton gymnasium, tennis gymnasium, volleyball gymnasium, swimming pool, football field, etc. In addition to the main sports area, the temporary sports tent houses are equipped with leisure area, sales area, toilet and other functional rooms, as well as tables and chairs and other accessories. 

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Recently, GuangAo has cooperation with a sports association to built three-seat 60m x 30m tent for track and field competitions, basketball venues and volleyball venues, providing a good competition environment for sports fans, these tent can last 20 years or more.The temporary stadium event tent has the function of protecting against rain and sun. The reason why the weather is not taken into account when hosting sports activities is impossible to compare with outdoor venues.

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