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How to Maintain the Tent ?

How to Maintain the Tent ?


⒈ Cleaning after the cool place in the air dry, do not put the sun under the sun or hot place baking, in order to prevent the withdrawal of plastic or degumming, accelerated aging.

2.Not professional rubber shoes and acid and alkali, salt and other chemicals to contact, lest the corrosion by the degumming deformation.

⒊Should be gently and evenly when cleaning. Do not force the brush, lest the short line, or brush off the shoes of the pattern and decorative parts.

⒋Avoid contact with sharp sharp objects to prevent scratches from scratching.

⒌ For colored canvas, do not contact with hard cleaning items such as carbon ink. This color canvas is cleaned after being coated with toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Attention should be evenly, then cool dry, can prevent discoloration. Or find two pieces of white clean paper on top, dry and tear it off. can also prevent discoloration.

⒍Has the appearance of disconnection, drop line, or decorative parts loosening and other small defects should be repaired in time. To prolong its service life.

⒎ Another tent should be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew and stink. Don't wash with the washing machine. Some people think that tents resist folding, price is low, lazy hand wash. Familiar with the decorative cloth is not the same, washing with washing machine is easy to fall off the fade.