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How to Decorate the Wedding Party Tent ?

How to Decorate the Wedding Party Tent ?


The inner space of the wedding tent can be 100% used, it provide sufficient space for your wedding event activity. In some way, large inner space also is a challenge for the wedding event organizer, because bigger space feel empty and lack of warmth. Thus, how we should decorate the inner space of the wedding tent to create intimacy? That is a problem, just like how will you decorate your own home, it will take time to think about how to design and decorate the inner space of your wedding tent.

1, Confirm the wedding tent size and type

Firstly, according your wedding event budget and the quantity of invited guests, to decide what size and what type of tent do you need to rent or to buy. The outdoor wedding tent normally have three different type: 1,wedding tent without the PVC sidewalls, look more open and more close to nature; 2, The Wedding tent with the PVC fabric sidewall, look more privacy and intimacy; 3, Wedding tent with the glass wall, look more elegant and high class.

2, Suggest the clear roof cover

The roof cover of the wedding tent can be opaque and transparent two option. In order to close to the nature, most people prefer the transparent roof cover, through the transparent roof cover, blue sky, white clouds, green hills, green water, laugh, revealing love Eternal.

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3, Confirm the theme and color of the wedding party

Make the decoration according the wedding location and the theme of the wedding, and use the lining, curtain, lighting, carpet tile and Air condition and so on different accessories to decorate. Golden, silver, dark red or use elegant black and white to decorate your wedding party.

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4, Configure with enough light

The wedding party normally in the evening, in order to keep enough light inside the tent before turn dark, we need to configure enough different lighting. Of course can consider the flashing light, colorful lights, and even the neon lights to set up the romantic mood, and also can put the beautiful candle on the table to add more light and atmosphere.