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How to Carry A Tent ?

How to Carry A Tent ?


The tent may be the largest and heaviest of all the equipment we need to carry out. It's absolutely important to put it in place.

Every tent is sold with a bag, and many people are used to putting tents in them. Do not say to put it neatly folded into a very troublesome, collected tents are often the largest of all our equipment, and backpack space is limited, in addition to its sleeping bags, moisture cushion two big.

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And even more troubling is that many of the tents are packed in a long tube, and if you use a smaller backpack it's very likely that you won't be able to put it in. Put the tent outside the backpack? It seems to be a good way to save space. This guy's out there, it's easy to get you into trouble.

The tent is very heavy, and it is not easy to bundle up on the outside of the backpack, unless it is like a bag of brown; If you need to drill the woods on the route, it's easy to hang on to the branches, if you're not careful, you'll be miserable. So what? The best way to do this is to give up the shackles of the manufacturer's design-throw away the tent bag and use a large sleeping bag.

You don't have to bother to fold it, just like a sleeping bag to plug it into a sleeping bag, and if you want to save volume, put a sleeping bag on the outside. Compress Belt Body

Backlog to smaller. (Looks barbaric?!) As a result, the sleeping bag is turned into a ball from the original long tube and placed in the backpack.

Another advantage of doing this is that the random plug up the position of each fold is stochastic, and if the simple for the sake of beauty only to fold it is very rules to receive the original tent bag, then each fold the position is fixed, the time is long this part is easy first aging. After the tent was settled, the rest of the tent rods were more than enough, and it was easy to put it upright in the backpack or outside the backpack.

Rough tent at the end of the tuck will scratch the hand ~ ~ better than the internal account fold a few fold flat cushion in the backpack in the sleeping bag, it's not big. The tent sticks to the bag by carrying the system on this side, it is not easy to be vulnerable, the external account in the backpack inside the object, can be waterproof, when rain can be quickly taken out as a poncho, if it is 225 can also be pulled out of the tent as a rain shed or cooking hall; tent bags can be used when moisture-proof cushion cover, the moisture cushion and aluminum thin pad with the inside of a stuffed with a backpack outside a hanging, It's easier to save some money.

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