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Guangzhou GuangAo Tent Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the independent subsidiaries of Yijin Enterprise. It was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Panyu District, Guangzhou. It is committed to the development, production and sale of high-quality European-style tents. The factory covers an area of 20,000 ㎡ and employs nearly 100 people. Over the past ten years, it has accumulated more than 1 million square meters of production area, and its customers are located in dozens of countries and regions around the world.

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GuangAo Tent is one of the first manufacturers of tent in South China. Since its establishment, we have continuously improved the quality of our products. It is favored and loved by customers all over the world, such as Malaysia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Dubai, India and other dozens of countries and regions.

In this decade, GuangAo has always adhered to the development philosophy of “Professionalism, Dedication, Pragmatism and Innovation”, absorbing new ideas, strictly controlling quality, introducing advanced automated CNC machines, improving production efficiency and saving labor costs. GuangAo's products have a competitive advantage in quality and price.

GuangAo has a strong technical foundation. The company's technical department has 2 national first-class construction engineers, 3 national second-level construction engineers, 3 professional engineering project managers, 3 professional designers and several online consultants. With the advanced technology and caring service, GuangAo will solve the urgent needs of customers and provide professional solutions for customers.

GuangAo will adhere to the business philosophy of "Honesty, Quality First, Independent Innovation", standardize every detail, and provide more cost-effective products and services for customers at home and abroad with a better attitude.


About us-GuangAo


Together to witness our growth



In 2006, Guangzhou Guangao Tent Industrial Co., Ltd. was incorporated. And in August of the same year, it fully put into production and research tent products.


In 2007, Guangao tents always adhered to the business concept of “quality first”. The products passed the national ISO9001:2008 quality inspection and won the title of “National Standard Qualified Product”.


In 2008, based on the company's long-term development philosophy, Guangao continuously improved and optimized the company's development strategy and implemented a standardized management system. The company set up a number of departments such as the General Manager's Office, Administration Department, and Purchasing Department to clarify the job responsibilities of each position.



In 2010, with the rapid development of Guangao Tent, the expansion of the factory building was completed and the new area reached 900m2.


In 2011, as the pace of globalization progressed, Guangao Tent continued to improve its strategic deployment, established a special foreign trade market department to expand overseas market-share. To date, it has accumulated customers in more than 50 countries and regions.



In 2013, Guangao Tent won the honor of “Quality, Integrity, Service AAA Enterprise”.



In 2014, Guangao tent won the honorary title of “Guangdong Province Honesty Enterprise ”


In 2015, Guangao keeps up with the pace of development of the times and gradually improves its production lines and production efficiency and quality. The company introduced several automated CNC machines and invested more than 8 million yuan.



In 2016, Guangao Tent won the "Germany TUV Quality System Certification" and "Swiss SGS Quality System Certification".



In 2017, Guangao set up a new network operation department to vigorously promote Internet sales.


Of Tent Industry

1.Price Vicious Competition

Pain Point:

Through data analysis, it is found that there are a large number of companies in the tent industry in China. There are only a few companies that have their own physical factories and specialized technologies. In many tent companies, price competition is a common business practice. This behavior has reached a vicious circle. To the extent that there will even be some businesses smashing slander counterparts.


Our Solutions:

Up to now, Guangao focuses on tent production, technology research and development, it has more than 10 years of history. It has professional production technology and caring after-sales service. From design to production, each step is in strict accordance with the requirements of customers and strict specifications of the market. Under the development of the times, has reached the business philosophy of "Mutual benefit and mutual development together" with a number of outstanding membrane structure manufacturers and often negotiate business and technical exchanges with them. The prices of material is difficult to control, but Guangao can control the labor costs of products from the source with the introduction of automated production technology, allowing profit to provide a more intimate and superior service to the general customer groups.

2.Spotty Quality

Pain Point:

In the environment of price vicious competition, the profits of some businesses will inevitably reduce, resulting in a decline in the quality of the products themselves. Many low-quality tent products have appeared on the market. After a short period of wind and sun exposure, the film fabrics will age and crack. In serious cases, even the skeleton structure will collapse.


Our Solutions:

In the decade, Guangao has always been adhering to the business philosophy of “Quality First”. Through the strict control of the source material, the design and process requirements, our products can meet industry-recognized high standards. The average life span of the membrane used by Guangao is more than 15 years. The surface of the metal stent is treated with a special outdoor paint, which is in line with its excellent resistance to weathering, good resistance to oxidation, anti-foam and rust prevention.

3.Inflexible Product Structure

Pain Point:

At present, the membrane structure companies generally simplify the production of materials in order to save material costs and production labor costs. However, this type of product requires the purchaser to weld itself or hire a professional installer. During this period, it will not only increase the duration of the installation but also generate additional costs. Once this product is installed, it cannot be relocated at will, and it is inconvenient to disassemble and transport. In addition, in the maintenance of the product, in fact, only one damaged part needs to be replaced, and as a result, a few more parts need to be replaced to make the product use normally.


Our Solutions:

Guangao tents have solved the problem of installation difficulties when designing product structures. Most of our products use screw or splint structure in the splicing position making installation and transport simple, quick and easy. In addition, if customers encounter problems in the installation process and cannot solve them after talking, we can provide professional technical personnel to guide the installation on site. In addition, our products are traceable. Our automated CNC machines can produce exactly the same products or accessories based on the products you previously purchased. When your update the products, you could only replace the damaged part .


4.Less Area Used In the Field

Pain Point:

According to the market survey, many of the design structures of the tent are not humanized, and the use of many pillars in the field leads to the low utilization rate.


Our Solutions:

Guangao tent adopts a unit combined structure to extend unlimited space. The inside of the tent does not need bearing pillars, and the site usage rate is up to 100%.


5.No After-Sale Guarantee

Pain Point:

The survey found that at present, many buyers have encountered problems in the maintenance and repair of their products. The suppliers are reluctant to assume the responsibility for the problems in the later stages of the product, but they cannot find the responsible person after the complaint. Because this product is subcontracted by multiple companies, it is impossible to find the person who is truly relevant.


Our Solutions:

After 10 years of development, Guangao has a sound business model and development philosophy. From design, production, installation to after-sales, we have a series of services such as pre-sales consulting, extended warranty, maintenance, technical guidance, and after-sales tracking. Your any questions would be replied as soon as possible.  



6.Products are not complete

Pain Point:

Tents are widely used in professional expositions, weddings, ceremonies, events, gatherings and other thematic activities. Most customers need to purchase the necessary supporting activities, such as stage, audio and lighting equipment, furniture, and decorative products. It will take a lot of time.


Our Solutions:

Guangao tent is located in a large industrial park. There are a number of large companies that produce stage special effects, lighting and sound equipment. There are also building materials and other manufacturers around the park. In Guangao, you can also complete one-stop shopping and save more time.